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What Are Some Really Common Foot Issues For Diabetics?

Diabetes is a silent killer. There are so many people suffering serious health issues because of diabetes. Diabetes can affect your body in a very deadly manner. One of the most common problem of suffering from diabetes is to be affected by foot disorders. There are several foot issues for diabetes patients which we have listed below. Take a look.

  • Calluses and corns are one of the most common foot disorders which affects diabetes patients. It may develop because of an abnormal alignment that happens on your feet or also for an abnormal gait.
  • Diabetes causes very seriously fungal infections in and around the nails. These usually appear like dry, thickened, and discoloured nails. They can be responsible for the spread of germs.

  • Another common diabetic foor disorder is the Tinea pedis, or athlete’s foot. This is a fungal infection which usually occurs around the skin of the feet.
  • Hammertoes, or also known by the name of bent toes, also affects many diabetic patients because of muscle weakness. This serious disorder can also lead to many difficulties in walking and running.
  • It can also cause Bunion, or angling of the human big toe toward the direction of the second toe. The affected area of the bunion usually becomes reddened and irritated which leads to the callus formation.

All these disorders can lead to serious health problems. Diabetes patients often need to tackle with these problems and many of them also wear footwear made of better shoe insoles in order to walk properly and get better comfort. If you face any symptoms that you think is because of your diabetes, make sure to visit the doctor and get the problem treated as soon as you can.

Carlon Pascal
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