Tips And Tricks On Getting the Best Beach Umbrella

The summer season is nearly upon us, and going to beaches with family and friends are surely going to be a blast. One essential thing before going on the beach is a beach umbrella. Without it, your skin will be left at the mercy of ultra violet rays from the sun, as well as extreme heat that can cause sunburns.

Here are some of the tips and tricks on choosing the best beach umbrella for you:

Pick a windproof beach umbrella

Beach umbrellas are so prone to be blown off by the wind. Choose the best beach umbrella today for resistance, because they are more secure compared to regular beach umbrellas.

Look at the umbrella’s UPF rating

Beach umbrellas have a UPF rating, which shows their ability to block off harmful ultraviolet rays from the sun. 15-24 UPF rating means that the umbrella has good protection, being able to block 93.3 to 95.8% of UV rays. Meanwhile, 25-39 rating is very good, being able to block 96.0 to 97.4 % of harmful UV rays. The best UPF rating is 40-50, which absorbs 97.5 to 98% of UV rays.

When choosing which umbrella to buy, pay attention to its UPF rating too.

Look if it has a built-in anchor

This part is important if you do not want to buy a beach umbrella holder. Some beach umbrellas come with a built-in anchor, essentially eliminating the need of a beach umbrella holder.

Consider the materials used in the umbrella

Aside from its design, choose your beach umbrella based on the durability of the materials used. Wood is the common material used for commercial beach umbrellas because it is the most durable. Steel and aluminum are also used, with aluminum having the advantage of being lightweight than steel.

Carlon Pascal
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