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The Joy Of Streaming Movies

Sites are offering you to download movies for free as long as you are paying the subscription fee. They provide unlimited titles. Downloading is a convenient way not to miss your favorite movies or TV shows. People have now moved to online services when it comes to watching their TV series.

It seems younger people don’t care about watching movies through a big screen. What they want is convenience. They are multi-tasking. Thus, this means they are watching a movie while working on their assignments. On top of that, they are also chatting and sending emails to their friends. Crazy right? But the iGen is a different generation. Thus, this right with their preferences and priorities.

Attraction of Streaming

The reason why streaming is an appealing platform is that this gives them more flexibility and option with the media they are using. Those who use tablets or even cellphones want to watch their movies on the go. They stream through mobile data, and it is not an issue to them. They can be on a trip or doing their assignments on their laptops or tablets while watching a movie at the same time.

Streaming is Cheaper

Cable services are increasing their subscription prices every year. Streaming is still cheaper. Netflix and Hulu still occupy the top when it comes to affordability. More people are ignoring their TV sets. They now rely on their mobile screens to stream their favorite series. They want to stay current when friends talk about the latest episode of Riverdale. Young people want to be on the loop. Whether they are working on something or assembling their fixed gear bikes, they still watch shows even though their little iPhones.


There is a possibility when every entertainment will rely on streaming. It is cheaper, practical and it doesn’t include stacking volumes of physical media. That is why it is a great medium to explore. Even music these days rely on streaming.

Carlon Pascal
Carlon Pascual is a blogger, social media enthusiast and a photographer. He is currently the managing editor of Galeria Bm. He is a graduate of Journalism.