Referral Machine: Always A Good Way To Go

A generation of referrals is what they call us. ‘Hey, have you heard of that café right around the corner? They make amazing chicken lasagne’. There one reference ticked for that lucky business. If you’re a good food restaurant and you see smiling full customers leaving your shop, you’re going to get a good set of customers to your café. I give the example of a café for any other business as well you just have to be good at what you do to make yourself known to others.

Like for example,you’re a law student confused about where to sign up for your recruitment and you’ll turn to the word of mouth the most reliable recruiters like BCG attorney search or other names will pop up and you’ll be drawn to sign up. Such is the power of spreading the word.

  • What is Referral Marketing?

The concept is to make customers who are using your services for the first time give you that thumbs up. the first impression is very important with a customer. The other times are about maintaining the quality of the services. So, once you’ve given a good service a happy customer is a good advertiser.

The customer can refer your services to her friends and family then they to their friends and family and the number of people who will slowly get to know about your services and intend to use it will increase by a geometric progression. So, in the end, you’ll get a successful business.

  • Tips to set up a good referral machine

Always be explicit about your referral- ask your referral if they liked the services. Do not create pressure on them.

Always make the process easy and clear- the process of referring your services to someone else and them availing it should be a fairly easy process.

Always thank your customers for their efforts- your customers will help spread the word about your business. Being grateful for it is a good start.

Give a good service- referrals usually take place because your customers enjoyed the services and, in the manner, they were given. They rely on you to give the same good service to the one they referredto.

Use good reviews- when customers give you good reviews thank them individually and you can hint at or politely ask them for a referral.

The benefit to customers who have signed up first- give the ones who trusted you first a reward for that

Concentrate on the customers that are already there

Incentives for referrals

Incentives for new customers