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Quick Typography, Great Lyric Videos

Nowadays, there are a lot of software, such as Lyrics Video 4U which allows you to make great lyric videos for songs with ease. While this isn’t the type that’s being used by professional lyric video makers, the techniques, in general, for a lot of videos are rather simple. With that said, this article will look into why Typography in Lyric Videos has already become the norm, and the different ways in which typography is being used in music videos already.

Why the Norm

Singers don’t really have to launch full-length music videos all the time. The process of filming a music video has been known to be really lengthy, and can cost a lot on the part of the singer and recording company as a whole. Making lyric videos has proven to be the faster, cheaper alternative for a lot of people, which is the reason why people have resorted into doing it.

Inventive Uses

Typography in motion, as they say, has allowed people to have their own lyrics come alive. There are a lot of ways in order for this to be done. One way is to make clever animation, as well as to make images come to life. It can also be used to make “dancing color” videos, which is a great play among the elements, where there are imaging and references made throughout the video. There also are lyrical melody ideas which allow for typography and faux-vintage animation, which is regarded as a great way to make lyric videos. Adobe After Effects is a popular tool among lyric video makers, and is something that is quite user friendly, despite needing a little bit of getting used to. Trapcode Starglow is also a great idea to incorporate in these lyric videos if you need ideas.

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