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Pokemonsoulsilver- A Nintendo Ds Video Game Review

Miss the days of Pokemon? I did. The nostalgic adventures of Ash Ketchum wandering aimlessly through Johto with strong passion to become his world’s greatest Pokemon trainer; collecting gym badges, capturing adorable little pocket monsters and eventually tackling the Elite Four. With Random wheel you can learn about in-game pokemons. This is a really easy way to improve your gameplay as you get a team layout with this tool as well. You can easily capture any pokemon if you know about its stats.

Well, that reminiscence can be achieved in full form with the new Nintendo DS re-makes of the revolutionary Gold and Silver Pokemon games. The gameplay, characters, storyline, and of course Pokemon are identical to the very end, with a few added bonuses along the way. The difference for this game that separates it from its original, besides that they are now renamed HeartGold and SoulSilver, is that the graphics are better, and the makers have created optimal usage for the Nintendo DS format, rather than the GameBoy format.

The touch screen can be used effectively for a variety of things, like Pokegear and choosing battling options that make the game flow smoother. If you’ve played the Pokemon Pearl and Diamond games, it is constructed pretty similarly, with the addition of a phone line.

What has improved noticably from Pearl and diamond, even, are the graphics. Pokemon has become so confident in their graphics that the first Pokemon in your lineup follows you around through your journey, like Pikachu in Yellow. There are animation cuts and exciting Gym obstacles that make this game for engaging, with was its main weak point at parts.

And it’s as simple as that, really. The whole awesomeness of Pokemon Gold and Silver combine with top-notch graphics and smoother gameplay to form PokemonHeartGold and SoulSilver. On top of this, upon completion of the soryline, youare able to unlock every Pokemon from Red to Platium, many of which are running around even in the game itsself. These two maps, which many Pokemon enthusiasts consider the highlight of the franchise, have many extra bonus features as well as many legendaries to catch. Unlike the original versions, this has replayability and expansiveness.

So, whether you are buying this for your child, or with to indulge in a good ol’ fashion Pokemon adventure of your own, this is sure to never disappoint.

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