Ontario Cannabis Store Looking For An Options Available To Increase The Participation Of The Private Sector In The Delivery Of The Cannabis

The Ontario Cannabis Store on October 15, is looking forward to engage the federally authorized retail stores and licensed producers with the motive of increasing the participation of the private sector in delivery of the recreational cannabis to all the stores across Ontario.

In October, the OCS conducted both online consultations and in-person with the commercial partners in order to entirely explore the viability of the delivery models that might leverage greater entanglement from all the licensed producers in a storage and the transportation of the product to an authorized retail stores.

Measures Taken

OCS Issue A Product Call For All The New Cannabis Product Categories

On June 10, The Ontario Cannabis Store issued a call for all new cannabis product categories that include edibles, topicals,  beverages, and extracts.

OCS Secures An Additional Supply With The Two New Agreements

It was on June 7, when the Ontario Cannabis Store announced that OCS has entered into a supply agreement with the two new additional Health Canada-licensed producers.

The two additional agreements  on supply exemplify the commitment in order to secure the sufficient supply for Canada which is the most populated province in terms of national supply shortage

OCS Then Meets With The Retailers In order To Shut The Wholesale Business

“This meeting played a critical role before launching the business relationship with its future retailers and that goes on to exemplify the commitment to support the continued success.

OCS Clears The Order Backlog

OCS after receiving the orders from customers has worked 24×7 to clear the order backlog.

When initially faced with the backlogging, the OCS has managed well to caught up and is now committed to improve the retail experience for their customers with the help of cannabis delivery new york.

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