Is it possible to use medical Under Pads in the form of reusable pee pads for Beds?

Medical underpads are used to store the urine of the pets. With the storage capacity of the urine in the pads helps in protecting the furniture from urine damages. There are two types of medical underpass available in the market. Firstly disposal pads and another one are reusable pads. Therapeutic pads are available in different types like some are extra large dog pee pads while the others are small in size.

Here are the ways to choose the appropriate underpads

In addition to this, underpads are used to prevent physical diseases and keep the body of the pet dry by providing moisture and softness. It is suggested to keep the pad away from the pet as sometime these pads may cause infection.

Absorbing capacity

the central aspect of choosing the suitable pee pad is according to the absorbing capacity level. The buyer should check the quality of the pad before buying it. He must check that the absorption level of the pads is correct and accurate. Make sure that the material used to make a pad does not provide any leakage issues. There are three categories of absorbency levels.

  • The light level of absorbency:this type of pee pad is cost-effective as the material used to make this product is thick. It is most suitable for those dogs whose amount of urine is light and has infrequent leakages.
  • Moderate: in this case, the amount of urine is reasonable, and it may have continuous leakages. The price of pee pads is lit higher than light level pads.
  • Heavy pads:it is the last and most strong pee pads to store the maximum amount of urine. This type of pads is used for the overnight and maximum period. It may occur due to fecal incontinence.


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