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Is It Possible To Convert Pdf Into An Editable Format?

PDF files assure several advantages. These keep the file layout intact and also compresses file size to save space. But the PDF format has one major drawback- you can’t edit it easily. For example, say you have taken to a converter to convert tiff to pdf adobe. But, then you just realize you have to make some last-minute changes. So, what to do here? You have to convert your PDF file into an editable format. Yes, you can jolly well do that. You can convert it into Word document for text modifications or a TIFF for image customizations. But, how to do that? Well, the same converter that you have used to convert your TIFF or Word file into PDF can be used to convert the converted file into an editable file format.

Here is a guide on how to do that.

Open the converter

Open your PDF converter installed in your desktop/laptop. If it’s an online one, go to its site. Open the converter window.

Add your PDF file

Then, you will have to import PDF files to the converter program the same way you had added TIFF/Word file while converting into PDF. So, go to “Upload Files”, click on it and add your desired PDF file. You can also use a faster drag & drop functionality to import your PDF file to the program window. If you are going for batch conversion, look for a tab that says “Batch conversion” or “Combined”.

Select output format

Now, you will select output format for the PDF file. Choose a format that allows easy editing, in respect to the content that you have to modify. Select page range if you want to edit a specific page of the PDF file.

Go for conversion

Finally, the converter program will start the conversion process and convert your PDF file/s in minutes.

Carlon Pascal
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