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Is Insurance Viable For Drug Rehab?

Substance abuse rehabilitation can be a costly affair. Whether it is drug detoxification program or alcohol addiction rehabilitation, such treatments can often be expensive. But it is good news that one can have insurance coverage to pay for substance abuse treatments. Just like there are medical insurance policies, similarly there also are drug rehab insurance policies. Having such a plan can reduce your expenditure to a great extent. It can even provide a full coverage depending on the plan you choose or the treatment you undergo. Types of insurance plans for drug addiction treatment

  1. Group insurance policies

This is mostly offered by employers to their employees, via an insurance carrier. Such policies are partly paid by the employer and partly by the employee. Whether or not addiction insurance is a part of the policy, it will depend completely on the employee’s choice of insurance plan.

  1. Private insurance plans

These are the more common types of insurance policies which are opted by individuals and families. The premiums of such policies can be a bit on the higher side however these also provide greater flexibility and coverage. A private insurance plan can be either-

  • HMO or Health Maintenance Organization plans,
  • PPO or Preferred Provider Organization plans,
  • Point-of-Service plans.
  1. Public Insurance plans

These are State-funded insurance plans and require certain eligibility criteria to be met to qualify for them. A public insurance plan can either be Medicaid or Medicare. These are apt for people who do not wish to opt for private insurance policies.

Factors affecting amount of coverage by an insurance plan

  • Length of treatment- policy could either pay for long-term or short-term treatment plans.
  • Prior registration with the carrier for treatment stay.
  • Medical necessity – some insurance carriers may need you to have a complete medical assessment done and showing signs of substance abuse.
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