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Handmade Jewelry Designs – Interesting Facts About It

Jewelry design trends have been changing over time. As yeas pass by, there has been wide variety of concepts and designs in jewelries. However, there are some designs that still remain trending even if new styles are being introduced to the market. One of them is the handmade jewelry design. It is fair to say that handmade jewelry design has been the rage today. Women, regardless of their ages and fashion style seem to be fanatic of such design. To learn more about it, here are some interesting facts about handmade jewelry designs.

No machinery needed

From the word itself “handmade” this jewelry design comes from real effort and creativity of the maker or artisan. This concept gives more quality and value to handmade jewelry designs. Each piece of the jewelry is carved, soldered, sawed and shaped without using mass-produced manufacturing machinery. Hence, whether you are after promise rings for couples or just simply a pair of earrings and necklace, choosing handmade jewelry design is a good choice.

The essence of time

Since there are no machines used in making handmade jewelry designs, the value of time is also added to the overall worth and quality of these jewelries. Usually, it takes a week or two for a piece of handmade jewelry to be done by a maker.


Unlike traditional jewelries, making handmade design jewelries utilize different and unique materials. As such, the result is also unique making it distinguished from other accessories. Usually, handmade jewelry designs come in vibrant colors with different designs.


In terms of quality, handmade jewelries are just as durable as other jewelries in the market. Being crafted by an artisan using his or her bare hands, you can ensure the firmness and quality of these jewelries.

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