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Grow LED Lights Are Great For Indoor Plants

Grow LED lights are remarkable products that have revolutionized the way to grow indoor plants. These kinds of lights are helpful in plant propagation and consume very less energy. These are designed to provide light that imitate natural sunlight, thus helping plants to grow. Many people might find implementing these lights in practical life bit complicated. However equipped with a little knowledge in gardening and grow lights, one can easily use such lights to grow plants.

How do grow lights help in plant growth?

Plants need a certain amount of light to be able to process food via photosynthesis. Different plants can have different light intensity requirements. A grow light is supposed to replicate the sunlight. These lights are particularly useful if you are living in Nordic countries. You can also make good use of grow lights if you’re living in climates that have shorter daylight hours at certain times of the year.

Types of grow lights for indoor plants:

There are three common types of grow lights for plants –

  1. Fluorescent grow lights
  2. LED grow lights
  3. HID grow lights
  4. Color of grow lights:

Plants generally need two colors from the spectrum to flourish – red and blue. So it is mostly preferable to use red LEDs, blue LEDs and UV LEDs to grow indoor plants.

Why are grow LED lights great for indoor plants?

The most popular type of grow lights is LEDs.

  • LEDs consume much less electricity compared to other grow lights.
  • They last longer as well.
  • These are available in full spectrum, as well as specifically in colors red and blue.
  • LED lights provide greater light intensity than other grow lights.
  • These lights also heat up less, which is a good thing for a small space.

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