Filling A Juul Pod With A Thc Oil

JUUL is a device that’s introduced to help smokers switch from traditional cigarettes. With increasing popularity, JUUL users are looking to search for more ways to consume THC; it can be used for consuming nicotine and some cannabis in Bremerton as well. The easy to equip device requires an individual to attach a pod to their e-cigarette and puff away.

The process for filling Juul pods

Filling a Juul pod is not as cooked as people think it is, it’s more of a straightforward process. A smoker requires the following to fill their pods:

Thin flathead knife or screwdriver.

THC oil or e-liquid in a syringe.

Taking the plastic off 

People are required to take off the top of their JUUL pod or unlock the mouthpiece by using a screwdriver. Once the top of JUUL pod opens, the individual needs to hold the base of their JUUL pod on one hand and the mouthpiece that they have taken off in the other.

The second way to take off the plastic top is by using a knife’s edge. However, this is a little complicated tactic. Cut the rubber with the knife to put it out with its tip. For this purpose, a blade that does not bend easily is highly recommended.

Fill the JUUL pod with THC Oil

The next step requires the person to get their THC oil or the cannabis in Bremerton in a syringe and put that oil in an empty pod. Fill 80% of the JUUL pod and leave some room so that they can quickly place the rubber top back.

Refit the rubber top

The final step is to put on the rubber top and make sure it should be airtight. If it is not well airtight, it may not work well and can damage the JUUL battery also.

Carlon Pascal
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