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Choose the Right Mattress

Since nearly a third of our lives are spent sleeping in bed, it’s important that the mattresses we sleep on are comfortable to our bodies. Afterall, you sure don’t want to end up tossing and turning all night on a mattress that’s too hard. Nor do you want to finally get to sleep, only to wake up with an aching back or neck because your mattress is too soft. Those are just two reasons why you need to choose the right mattress.

First, you have to decide how large your mattress needs to be. If you’re simply replacing a mattress, then the choice is easy. But if you’re existing mattress and bed aren’t big enough, then you need to choose the right mattress size that will best suit you and perfect bed. You can also make your own bed and check the options for how to build a full size captains bed with drawers and trundle and book case.

The smallest adult-sized mattress is a Twin size. It typically measures about thirty nine inches wide and is seventy-five inches long. It can sleep one person comfortably. If you’re tall, a Long Twin mattress is five inches longer than a regular Twin.

The next size up is a Full size mattress. It typically measures about fifty-four inches wide and is seventy-five inches long. Full mattresses are the standard choice for couples.

Next up is the Queen-size mattress. The Queen-size gives about five feet of space from side to side, and eighty inches in length.

And finally, the King-size mattress is the Daddy of them all. It gives you a whopping seventy-six inches in width, and eighty inches in length to sleep on. A King-size mattress can you give extra space you may need for you and your sleeping companion, but you must have a large bedroom to accommodate the monster.

Bed mattresses not only come in different widths and lengths, but they also come in different depths. The average depth of a mattress is eight to seventeen inches. The thicker mattresses have “pillow tops” on them. When you’re choosing the right mattress, remember that if you decide to switch from a “thin” mattress to a “pillow top” one, you’ll need to also buy a whole new set of sheets too.

Next to choosing the right size of mattress for your needs, being comfortable is the name of the game. When you visit different stores to look for a bed mattress, you’ll need to actually “test drive” every product. That means, you’ll need to lie down on each and every mattress you are interested in. Lie on your back, your side, and on your stomach to see how each one feels to you.

Besides being comfortable, you’ll need to choose a mattress that provides your body with full support from head to toe. Your choices of firmness will be soft, medium firm, firm and extra firm.

To choose the right mattress, warranties really don’t have to be a factor in your choice. Since a mattress lasts about ten years, the warranty on the mattress you choose should be that long. A ten-year warranty will cover the product until it’s time for you to go mattress-buying once again.

And finally, many stores that sell mattresses will “graciously” offer to deliver your new product. They may even offer to take your existing mattress away for you. The kicker is, these services can cost you- they’re never cheap. Therefore, if you have a way to haul your new mattress, and somewhere to dispose of the existing one at, you can save money by doing it yourself! Not only that, but if you do-it-yourself, you might not have to wait so long on delivery.

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