Bitcoin: History And Its Impact On Business

The most talked currency these days are not any of the world currencies that we see everyday. The most talked and exciting currency is called bitcoin. This is a virtual currency, completely free from all the countries. Bit coin is currently world’s most expensive currency. One BTC costs more than 10 thousand dollars.

History of the coin

Bitcoin first showed itself during the middle of 2008. This was at the time the coin was wary much undervalued and neglected by the Wall StreetMongols and other investors. The coin later proved them wrong by reaching the equivalent value to the US dollar by the end of 2010 and crossed the 100$ mark by the end of the next year. The next major milestone was during the 2017s where it reached the highest level ever with a single coin worth more than 12 thousand US dollars.

Currently it is trading below the maximum level and cost below 8000$, but many investors believe that it is on tract to cross the 500 thousand dollar mark within the next 2-3 years. These quick rise of the currency has led to many bitcoin superstars who became millionaires overnight.

Bitcoin in business

Bitcoin is currently accepted by many business around the world. Many countries are on the way to make the coin a legal one and set a perfect regulations to make sure that it gets the attention it deserve and doesn’t cause any more setbacks for them.

The only country that is against the legalization of crypto currency is India. The reserve bank of India is trying to ban the coins completely and also arrest and fine the current holders. This shows that bitcoin and other crypto currencies have a perfect future ahead in almost all the countries except India. The coin also is one of the most searched coin these days.

Carlon Pascal
Carlon Pascual is a blogger, social media enthusiast and a photographer. He is currently the managing editor of Galeria Bm. He is a graduate of Journalism.