Best Tags for Youtube – Learn How to Get More Video Views

Better Views on Youtube: How to Get It

Do you have a YouTube channel? In this article, you will get to know that how you can increase the video views on YouTube, and most importantly, how to increase the time for watching a video.

Retention is one of the most important factors in video ranking. The longer a person watches your video, the more often YouTube offers it in similar, higher ranks, etc. And from here more and more views of your videos.

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And besides the advice: shoot interesting and engaging content, we will look at 4 more (mostly technical) ways to increase video views on YouTube.

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What is the time watching YouTube videos?

Watching time (or retaining the audience, as it is commonly called in YouTube analytics) is the total amount of time that viewers spend on watching your videos. Ideally, the video that ranks first in this indicator leads to higher overall views of the number of views.

With the increase in viewing time, YouTube happens to be likely promoting your channel using recommended and search videos, which consecutively leads to an increase in the number of views.

  • Place your videos in playlists in an interesting sequence.
  • Creating playlists for your videos on YouTube is a way to attract viewers to watch a few of your videos.
  • When you categorize your videos in attractive sequences, viewers use to be more probable to watch your rest of the videos. This eventually increases the viewing time, giving you a higher rating on YouTube.

If you are using playlists, consider eliminating long screen savers at the beginning and end of your videos. Viewers do not really want to see it all. Without screensavers, in fact, it will be even better.

Choose titles and thumbnails that vividly convey the essence of the video

The titles and thumbnails of your videos affect your views and video ranking.

They serve as the main trigger for a person to click to see, and give a preliminary idea of ​​the content of the video. Choosing the right combination of thumbnails and headers can help you improve your viewing time. You can have the information on how to get more youtube views.

Use screensavers in your videos

You can use the final screensavers in several ways, but the best tactic for attracting viewers happens to be using them for linking to further content on your YouTube channel, which is likely to be interesting for viewers.

Making videos based on long-tail keywords

Focusing on keywords with a long tail will help you get people to watch exactly your video, not the video of competitors.

One way to determine keywords for a video is to use the YouTube offer feature. Those in the search bar of YouTube, you enter some query that comes to mind that interests your target audience.

And YouTube is starting to offer different options. These are not just random sentences. They are based on what users request and want to see. Use these suggestions as themes for your videos.

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