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An Ultimate Guide To Choosing The Best Wifi Signal Extender Device!

A signal extender device, better known as wifi booster, is a device used to spread the wifi network into the areas of the home where signals of the wifi are weak. This device spread the signals throughout the house through a connected wire. It can do the same work without any wire, too, by using wireless boosting of the network in all areas of the house. The best wifi extender picks up the network signals from one area and expands them to the dead zones, areas where signals are weak or absent. There are various wifi boosters available in the market, which makes it challenging to choose the best out of them, but you can follow some tips to make your decision wiser and easier.

Factors to consider while choosing a wifi network extender

Wifi speed

It is one of the most important factors to consider while selecting a suitable wifi booster. You must check how much speed does the booster supports and if it is compatible with the latest wifi standards. The latest standard offers you better speed and allows you to stream high-quality videos without any buffering and also offers games without any lags. Choosing a booster with better speed will let you get access to modern technology without getting a new wifi router.


It is a mandatory feature in an excellent wifi network booster. There are two types of bands; 2.4GHz and 5GHz. In most of the extenders, 2.4 GHz is used, which makes it busier and more crowded as umpteen wifi devices are connected to it already. Using a 5GHz band is more beneficial as it is a comparatively new band and has fewer devices on it. For best results, you should use the 5GHz for streaming videos, and for normal web browsing, the 2.4GHz is perfect. Dual-Band boosters offer you the benefits of both band and give you the best network with high speed and efficiency.