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Looking For A Pen? Here Are 5 Extraordinary Reasons To Buy A Fountain Pen

Everyone in their life has someday or the other used a pen. A pen helps in spilling one’s thoughts on paper. Many writers find happiness with a pen and paper. Even though the entire world now uses a keyboard to create their ideas, there are still people who find immense pleasure in writing something unique. It could be a thank you note, a letter, journal entry or even just plain copy work. To make this experience more pleasurable one can use fancy stationery and exclusive pens! Often times, people find fountain pens sharper and much richer than regular ballpoint pens or other inked pens. Fountain pens help in making the ink flow on paper.

History of a fountain pen

The development of fountain pen was dated around 10th century. In 1884, the first fountain pen was crafted by an American man named Lewis Waterman. The main issue with fountain pens in the earlier stages of its development was the absence of airflow. Waterman even solved this problem and the innovation was loved by all. Fountain pens have and will always maintain their position of being the dominant writing instrument to be used mostly in Europe and America.

Five reasons to buy a fountain pen

  • Environment

Fountain pens are environment-friendly as these can be refilled easily unlike ballpoints.

  • Easier

Writing with a fountain pen is much easier as one doesn’t need to apply much pressure.

  • Economical

The pen is more economical than a ballpoint in the long run, as one can refill the pen after use. In ballpoints, one needs to continuously either buy new pens or new cartridges.

  • Font

The writing looks better and beautiful.

  • Royal

Using fountain pens also helps one to feel like royalty.

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