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Is Cannabis Oil A Great Replacement Of Chemotherapy For Cancer Treatment?

Cannabis is playing an essential role in the medical sector. Due to its immense benefits, doctors are recommending hemp seeds and marijuana medicines for severe problems like cancer, asthma, and skin diseases. Cannabis oil is made from the plant leaves of the cannabis plant. Although it is an illegal drug it is very beneficial. Nowadays, each state has a medical dispensary, which sells cannabis oil and medicines on a legal basis. Some countries are trying to make cannabis legal in their respective countries.

The relation between chemotherapy in cancer treatment and cannabis as a medicine 

The person who has cancer is given chemotherapy; it includes doing surgeries and giving electric shocks to the patient. This practice is harrowing and expensive. Because of the substantial cost, the sick person is unable to get cancer treatment and hence dies in very pathetic conditions. Recently chemotherapy is using certain types of drugs, including cannabis to reduce the impact of cancer in the body. Cannabis oil minimizes the cancer cells from growing in the whole body. Cannabis oil is an excellent replacement instead of doing chemotherapy because:

  • chemotherapy is painful
  • the process of chemotherapy requires a lot of funds
  • expertise doctorate skills are necessary for performing chemotherapy

Use of cannabis oil for cancer patients

The main thing is that is cannabis oil legal or illegal! The good thing is that using 0.3 amount of cannabis oil is legal all around the world. The statutory percentage of cannabis oil depends upon the type of plant. Cancer is a dangerous disease; curing cancer with the help of cannabis oil proves to be effective in the early stage. The cannabis drug is powerful; likewise, cannabis oil helps in killing cancer cells. It helps in regulation overall functions of the body, including body ache, excessive sleeping, and abnormal attitude.