Amazing facts you need to know about drill bits!

Drill bits are an integral part of all types of drill machines as it facilitates the primary function of drill machines that is drilling holes through different kinds of materials. These drill bits are attached with the drill machines and generate the power that enables the drill to put a hole through any surface. You can attach different types of drill bits with any best bench top drill press to boost its drilling power and efficiency. There are umpteen types of drill bits available for different types of works and functions. You can choose any one of them which fits perfectly to your needs and requirements.

Essential things that you must know about drill bits

Shank size

Shank is one of the most important parts of a drill machine. It is fixed in the chuck of the drill and is available in different sizes suitable for different functions. The size of the shank directly affects the efficiency and the performance of the drill machine. There are various shapes of shanks available, serving different purposes effectively.

The angle of the tip

The angle of the tips plays an essential role as it helps to drill holes at different complex angles. Different angles of tips are required to out holes in different materials as a straight tip cannot put a hole into a curved surface. Moreover, the shape, size, and uniformity of the hole also depend on the angle of the tip.

Twist bits

These are the most common types of the drill bit and are the default bit in most of the drill machines. It has sharp edges and a spiral blade that helps to drill holes by efficiently removing out all the material. It is highly effective with all kinds of materials and surfaces but makes sure that you coat these bits when drilling in some hard surfaces to enhance its efficiency.