Is your partner cheating on you?

Do you think your partner is cheating on you? Are you planning to hire an experienced PI to get the facts? Well, you may do that but the thing is, you yourself can carry on the primary part of the investigation. How? The answer is through your spouse’s iPhone. Now, you must be wondering that your spouse has deleted the messages sent to or received from the third person – and there is no way to trace them. But, you should also know that it is actually possible to undelete imessages on iphone. You will need two things for this- data recovery software and access to your spouse’s iPhone.

Step 1

Download & install the software

You will have to download and install the data recovery software in your computer. Then, open it and click on “Recover from the Ios device.”

Step 2

Connect the phone

After you connect the iPhone to your computer, the program will automatically identify your device.

Step 3

Start scanning

Click on the button that says “Start Scan” so that the software can scan the messages and files sent from and received by the phone. The software will scan both non-deleted & deleted messages and files on iPhone.

Step 4

Look for messages

Once the scanning has been done, the files will be sorted under respective categories. You will find the “Messages” section at the left hand side of the page. Just click on it to get a preview of the messages.

Step 5

Recover the messages

After you view the messages, you can retrieve them easily.  To recover the messages, click on the “Recover” option. As soon as you click on it, the program will save all the needed messages in your computer only. You can keep them as it is or print them out later to provide a concrete evidence.