How To Find Your Perfect Bankruptcy Lawyer?

Handling a bankruptcy situation can be stressful for an individual. When a person goes bankrupt, he/she can choose to file for bankruptcy. This is because opting the legal way can help him/her get a bankruptcy discharge, relieving much of the stress. However filing for bankruptcy is not an easy task. The process itself is quite daunting and complicated, and there are legal proceedings to handle after filing bankruptcy. Thus it is always advisable to hire a bankruptcy lawyer.

A suitable bankruptcy attorney will be your legal advisor, help you understand your bankruptcy situation and provide you with alternate solutions. He/she is supposed to handle all your paperwork once you provide him with information of your finances and assets. Your lawyer will also file the bankruptcy for you, and represent you in all subsequent hearings.

Keeping all of this in mind, it is not easy to find a suitable bankruptcy lawyer. Follow the below tips to find your perfect bankruptcy attorney:

  1. Experience and competence

You should shortlist names of lawyers depending on their past record of bankruptcy cases and competence. Also if you think you should file a Chapter 13 bankruptcy, it is futile to choose someone who had had a past record of Chapter 7 bankruptcy. He/she should also be competent enough to explain you all bankruptcy laws.

  1. Seek advice from acquaintances

You can take tips from family and friends who might have gone through a similar bankruptcy situation. You can even seek help from your personal attorney to help you choose a suitable bankruptcy lawyer.

  1. Clear communication skills

Once you fix appointment with a lawyer, ask him/her very specific questions. If his/her answers are crisp and concise, you should be happy to hire him/her.

  1. Reasonable fees

Learn about an attorney’s fee structure before finalizing on him/her. Keep in mind cheap is not necessarily good.