Top Learning Computer Games Kids Will Enjoy

Are you looking for educational or learning computer games for your child? There is no dearth of computer games today, such as Bandar Bola or online bingo or shooter games and so on. But not all such games are suitable or really educative for little ones. When you indulge your kid in computer gaming, it’s better to introduce him to something that can assure a playful learning. The post below offers a brief on the top learning computer games that your munchkin will love.


Spelling City

If you are looking forward to a fun tool that can boost the spelling skills of your little one, look no further than Spelling City. The game website is bustling with a solid table of vocabulary as well as arts games in 30 various languages. You can even personalize the gaming-learning experience here with your very own spelling roster.


The game is aimed to enhance vocabulary and reading skills as well as the creative instincts of little players. ItzaBitza comes with written prompts that urge kids to draw up the on-screen character is requesting for. As the child completes the drawing, he will be delighted to see his drawing coming to life right before him onscreen.

Math Missions

As the name says, the game is designed to boost the math skills in children- covering topics from pattern blocks to counting change to fractions to sums with measurements and weights. The entire game boasts a fun cartoony vibe to make things really engaging for the little gamers. You will find the game in various versions to choose as per the age group of your child.

Lifeboat to Mars

This free is developed to enhance the player’s knowledge about biology as well as the environment around. Players can choose from 2 simulation options here- they can choose to control either microbes or plant & animal ecosystem.