Archery is ultimately a test of precision and accuracy. Initially used for hunting and eventually utilized as a warfare weapon, the use of archery has evolved into a modern sports competition determining an archer’s skill in hitting a target consistently.

The goal in an archery competition is to hit the middle part of the target, usually referred to as the “bull’s eye”. Managing to hit the target means a great performance. However, archery is a life-long sport that needs lots of patience and countless hours of training. It may take you years before you can even begin to barely hit your mark every time you release the bow.

Coupled with training, there are schools and websites, such as Archerypower, you can utilize to improve your archery. To start, you can follow these simple tips to improve bow accuracy:

Keep wary of your stance

The first step to hitting your mark and improving your performance in archery is using the correct stance. There may be a number of “recommended” stances for archery but only a few works effectively in improving your bow accuracy. Make sure you are using the correct stance every time you hold a bow and before you release an arrow towards your target.

Correct way of holding your b

Stability of the bow as you release the arrow is important in making sure the arrow goes to where you want it to go. Gripping your bow correctly will have a tremendous impact on your bow and arrow control, ultimately improving your bow performance. As a general rule, your bow grip should be not too tight so as to minimize tension in your arm which can affect accuracy.

Correct way of aiming for your target

Pointing the bow and arrow is possibly the trickiest part in archery. Most archers would rely on bowsights attached to their bows to determine the end destination of their arrow. Some aim by feel. It’s a common practice to raise the bow towards the target to easily visualize where you want your arrow to land.