Paper Straws Or Metal Straws Which Is More Environment-Friendly?


A lot of businesses and companies prefer to use either paper or metal straws. People have been protesting about the use of plastic straws due to environmental concerns. Both paper straws and metal straws provide environment-friendly alternatives to plastic straws. But people still try to see which is better of the two, which is more environment-friendly. Here are facts about both paper and metal straws to see which one is safer. To use and how each straw affects our environment.

Metal Straws

One advantage of metal straws over other kinds of straws. Is that it is washable and reusable. This means you only have to purchase metal straws once. You can reuse it anytime as long as you washed it thoroughly. Metal straws made with corrosive-resistant stainless-steel materials. Metal straws are safe and reliable to use, as long as you wash it thoroughly. Metal straws are a great alternative to plastic straws. An environment-friendly straw which is reusable.

Paper Straws

While paper straws are not reusable, it is mostly made of easy to decompose. Paper straws are bio-degradable meaning they are not toxic to the environment. Paper straws specifically made to be an alternative to single-use plastic straws. Businesses and companies prefer to use paper straws due to its convenience and cost. Paper straws are disposable, and they cost less than metal straws. These straws are also environment-friendly due to the materials it is made of. Biodegradable paper straws are the most environment-friendly straws available today.

Paper Straws Over Metal Straws

Paper straws and metal straws are both environment-friendly. But paper straws have the edge over this debate. Paper straws, made with organic and natural materials. While metal straws are manufactured and industrialized. This means the process of making metal straws are quite hazardous to the environment.



To further know the details between paper straws and metal straws are unending. It may even end up to the preference of a person. If you want to know more about paper straws and metal straws. You can research online, search environment-friendly straws or visit You will be able to decide which straw is safer for the environment.