4 Tips To Help You Improve At Online Comp Gaming

If you are a fanatic and serious online computer gaming, you may be thinking and dreaming to be the best player of a particular game. Most of the online games available in the gaming world fall under the category of battles and survival. In this kind of game, you need to be the best for you to survive, be the last man standing and win. To help you out, here are some of the effective tips to help you improve at online comp gaming.


Certainly, if you want to be the best, you need to focus and give your full concentration. Look for ways that could help you concentrate. Some people perform and focus well if they are listening to music while playing. You might be one of them or not. So the only person that could help you to focus is yourself.

Screen resolution and brightness

Studies show that players perform better of they have bright screens on their mobile phones or pc. High brightness provides excellent contrast. It is effective in providing specific mood. So the next time you play domino 99, make sure you have the right and appropriate level of brightness for you.

Customize your control

Over time, you’ll discover an effective and easy way of controlling the game. This includes the setting of your device, the position of your controller and even your body position while playing. This will help you focus more and concentrate on the game.

Learn from others

You can also do some research on how to be effective on a particular game. You can also learn from your opponents, co-players. Most importantly, you can learn to be good and you can improve your gaming skills through your own experience over time.