Correcting Slices: Tips Of A More Beautiful Ball Flight

Slices are common problems that new and old players of golf alike experience every now and then. It’s frustrating for those who want to get their hits right, and getting a slice will cause you to lose distance, your temper, and even the accuracy. If you do not hit right, then the drills for putting, as well as chipping of various sorts will not be able to hit the fairway, and will cause you to not be at your best, and even getting the callaway beginner golf set will make you a better player. Before we present solutions, however, let us first know the basics.

Causes of a Slice

The outside-in swing path is a common culprit of these. This kind of path means that the club is on the ball’s outside line. To correct this, you have to swing the club from the outside to the inside. Afterwards, have this combined with an open club face, which is a natural instinct which will help to counteract the outside swing-in path, which will make your ball spin like a ping pong ball.

How to fix

There are seven things to keep in mind when correcting slices. The simplest of these include not aiming left. Afterwards, you should position the golf ball properly in the setup, take note of the divots, get your grip fixed, and then keep the elbow tucked amidst the backswing. Transfer the weight and release the club after it hits the ball. There are a lot of instructional videos about this and you can ask the experts on how you are supposed to get a beautiful ball flight. These steps require constant practice, but the first step is often the easiest. If you are a left-handed individual, you have to flip the directions stated above.