Apex Legends: Do We Finally Have A Fortnite Killer?

Apex Legends, a game by EA and Respawn, was released earlier this year and it gained immense popularity in no time. In around a week after its release, the game was already more popular and streamed on Twitch than Fortnite! It even had 500% more audience on the platform than Fortnite at some point of time! It says a lot. Obviously, this sudden popularity hinted towards the possible death of Fortnite, a game that was number one for so long. In no time people were investing their time in the game and there were apex hacks and mods available all around.

Unfortunately, this game can not kill the devil that is called Fortnite. Here is why,

Fortnite can be played on more devices

Fortnite doesn’t require very high-end devices to run it. Its specifications are very simple and even less powerful devices can be used to play it. Apex Legends, on the other hand, requires good PC build and players may have to make adjustments to run the game smoothly.

Fortnite is also available on Apple and some Android devices and no one know if or when Apex Legends will be available on these devices.

Apex Legends has a lot of things for players to be worried about

Apex legends has a lot of features in it. There are weapon attachments that affect the gameplay and not all players understand them. Fortnite is simple to play and gamers can have fun without worrying about other things.

Fortnite is child friendly

Fortnite is cartoonish, the deaths and attacks are not realistic and there are dances and moves that are funny. Apex Legends, on the other hand, is very realistic, it has brutal moves and is even a little gory.