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Revolutionizing Electric Shavers

It’s amazing how something turns from practically traditional and manually used tool into a convenient and electric device. Just like what everybody says, “started from the bottom now we are here” the bottom of shaving started from dealing with water, soap and sharp object and carefully shaving to avoid having a scar. But today, shaving is more convenient and faster than ever. Thanks to the rise of electric shavers, you can now quickly and safely have a clean shave. Let us have a quick and short view on how electric shavers started to revolutionize in the market.

The beginning of shaving

Even before the oldest times of our history, people used to shave to get rid of facial hair. As such, people shave their faces in so many different ways. In ancient Egypt, people used hair-removing creams, different types of blade and pumice stones. In Stone Age, people would rip hair from their faces using clams. In Bronze Age, the main tool used in shaving is obsidian tool. And in the 18th and 19th century, people started to use sharp and exposed metal blades in shaving.

The Rise of Electrics

Electrics first revolutionized in early 1900s by the kamfe Brothers and King C. Gillete. Canadian Jacob Schick was the first to make the electric shavers. He believed that people need to shave to appear neat and clean everyday. While the use of blades, soap and water is an effective way to clean up hair from our face, there’s an effective alternative on this. This is through the use of electric shavers. It offers a lot of advantages and benefits to users such as efficiency, cost saving and safety. For more articles about s=electric shaving, you can visit There, you can be armed valuable information about shaving and electronic shavers.