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Facts About The Cannabis

Marijuana is not an unusual term to anyone but people commonly say it as pot, weed or dope. For its scientific term, it is called as the Cannabis which came from the flowering plants of Cannabaceae, it has several classes such as the cannabis sativa, cannabis sativa indica and cannabis indica “kush”.

Since it is a herbal plant, it is known for its treatment to some illnesses like treating patients with cancer, it inhibits the growth of cancer cells in the body, those who are diagnosed with glaucoma; it’s an eye disease causing intraocular pressure that can damage the optic nerve and end up having a permanent vision loss or blindness. For patients who are suffering from epilepsy, the cannabis is a sedative drug that relaxes the muscles or in short a muscle relaxant, they usually let the patient have a drop of cannabis oil or the CBD. When referring for its health benefits, it can provide multiple but once used abusively that’s the time that it will result to damages to the body system most specifically the nervous system.

Let’s enumerate other facts of Medical Marijuana

  • As the Anti-depressant.

As well we know, people smoke pot as recreational purposes due to the reason that it does boost the mood of the user, it is an anti-depressant drug that stimulates the anandamide or also called as bliss molecule which has the similar mechanism when it eating a chocolate.

  • Mortality

When it comes to the cause of death due to smoking pot, it has reported none so far compared to smoking cigarettes, alcoholism or the use of other drugs. So it’s not an alarming thought to be overdosed by this herbal plant but it may cause mental illnesses later on when you’re consistently using it. More facts, going in this article