Software Suggestions For Gantt Chart Templates

Getting a gantt chart template is one of the best ways for you to start making one for your company. The reason for this is that it gets you organized. This is through making the things that you want clear. If you are looking for a gantt chart template, then there are several software in the market dedicated to giving you an easier gantt chart creation process. With that said, below are some of these best software, depending on its features.


If your company is large, and if you have several branches in different parts of the world, this is a great one for you. This is because Celoxis comes with 7 branches, and allows for better management of project portfolios. It also has a lot of options for easier reporting, and it also has a solid reputation for its project planning and resource allocation. It does not have that many integrations, however, which may not work well for larger companies that need many applications.

Project Insight

Rightfully called, this app will allow you to manage projects depending on site. This is made with a large range of projects, and will allow you to arrange these projects all the way to a granular level. This is because collaboration systems, time tracking, and various templates are available here. This is best for businesses and companies that look into small details.


If you are an IT team and are in need of a gantt chart, this one is meant for you. It’s basically a cross between scheduling software, resource management, and help desk, all of which are necessary for IT workplaces, especially those which require communication. This app will save you from the hassle of visiting and bouncing from one app to another just to get things done.