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Choosing A Photo Booth For Your Next Event – Go Classic With Film Or Embrace Flexibility With Digital

Photo booths has been quite a popular attraction in most events nowadays, be it social or corporate. It gives guests the excuse to have fun and act silly in poses, and the opportunity to interact with other guests. Additionally, getting a photobooth for your next event will open a certain degree of flexibility on your working budget, since these are quite cheaper than hiring a professional photographer.

Once you’ve decided to get a photobooth for your event, the next step would be to figure out what kind. There are a number of choices for photobooth Toronto has available in the market, but it will boil down to 2 basic options, go digital or get a classic film photobooth.

We’ve compared the pros and cons of getting each type and hopefully this will help you come up with a decision with that is most appropriate for your upcoming event.

Time duration for printing the photos

Needless to say, classic film photo booths will take a considerable amount of time to print out taken photos than open-air digital ones. Depending on how long the event will be, and how long your rental agreement is with the photo booth provided, this can make or break the decision whether it’s more economical for you to get one over the other.

Quality, durability and feel of printed photos

There’s no denying that holding a classic film-printed photograph adds a certain degree of old-school vibe to it. Films also tend to be more durable than digital ones printed on photo papers, being able to keep their original colors over time.

Option to keep copies of the photographs

Most digital photo booth rental services will let you have digital copies of all photos taken during the event, on top of those printed and given away to guests. Unfortunately, this is not an option for film photo booths, having only physical copies being produce every snap shot. If keeping all photograph mementos is important to you, even if it is non-tangible, digital photo booths might be a better choice.