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Features To Consider In A Free Vpn

Have you ever been excited whenever there is a 3-day sale at the malls during holidays? Or be the first one to bought something in a promo? Do you always prefer buying products in ‘Buy 1 Take 1’ status? It is always nice to have opportunities where we can save more and spend less money on necessities that we are buying.

This kind of circumstance can also relate in choosing VPN or Virtual Private Network. Why must buy and spend money when you can have a VPN that is free? There are many free VPN around the globe but even if it is free, a person still must be careful in choosing it. Here are some features you should look for in choosing a free VPN:

1.) Number of servers it possess

This is an important factor that one shouldn’t miss. The number of servers a VPN have determine the speed of the service in establishing a connection.

2.) Owning an automatic kill switch

There will be instances that the VPN might goes down which may result for the user to lose its protection. The automatic kill switch solves this kind of problem as it observes the connection and halt the traffic in the internet once the VPN goes down.

3.) Having a privacy policy

A creditable VPN will have its privacy policy on the site as privacy is its objective. It notifies the user if it records any information and the time of having it kept.

4.) Limit of data per month

Limiting the amount of data a user can use is one of the weakness of a free VPN. As an advice, you should look for a VPN that has a high monthly data limit which you can use longer.

An example of a VPN is Torguard which is one of the VPN services that is quietly known. If you are interested in this but having doubts if it is good or bad, see vpn torguard review 2019 and critic it by yourself.