All You Need To Know About Car Maintenance Tips

How can a car run smoothly? Your answer will be a good set of engines and what keeps an engine going? That would be well-maintained car batteries. The car batteries will last for three to seven years, to do that maintenance should be a part of your routine since owning a car requires responsibilities, knowing the tips on how to prevent from damaging its batteries and the ways to maintain it.

Here are some car battery maintenance tips:

  1. If you frequently wash your car because it has been dirty from driving it around the city, the car batteries also need such maintenance. All you need is an unused tooth brush and distilled water, clean the battery terminals to avoid from gases leaking out that will end up with battery corrosion.
  2. Keep in mind that you shouldn’t place metal objects over the battery the reason for it is to prevent from terminal shorting.
  3. Always make sure car batteries are properly secured and cables are in their proper placement because if you won’t often check it will cause short circuits that will ruin the batteries and shortened its life span. It will damage your car and will put yourself also at risk. Safety first as always instructed.
  4. Before you’re going to charge the batteries make sure you’re filling it in with distilled water. By that, it will minimize the building up of gas.
  5. If you have no time checking your car by yourself then better leave it to your trusted car mechanic. They know more about handling and maintaining car batteries or even car damages have a frequent visit to your car doctor.
  6. Always do frequent driving and limit short rides. This kind of maintenance will prevent you from car battery replacement and to extend the life span of the batteries.