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Top Tips In Choosing The Best Hat For Your Style and Face

Choosing a hat base on your outfit and face shape is very important to standout and specially to make your hat more noticeable. If you are in the search for perfect headpiece, here are some tips that you may want to consider if you want to be noticeable. 

Different Hats suits different people based on skin color, style and face shape. If you wear glasses, an upturned brim style will bring balance. If your face is long, choose side beret just like the ones wearing by Matadors. Aside from face shape, hat placement and hair style also come to play as one of the important factors. If you plan to wear small hats, make sure they are resting above your eyebrow. Next tip would try as many hats when you go shopping for one (or two). Tag along your friend and try different styles together. It’s easy to have a friend that can spoke about a thing or two if a hat fits you perfectly or go find something else. Aside from that, plan your if you have plans to use a hat as your main accessories, plan your outfit around it. It doesn’t have to match the color of your top or even pants, it should complement both or one way or another. And lastly, you should be happy and comfortable when you fit it the first time. Don’t force the issue just because you want to splurge on buying a hat even you aren’t comfortable at first to begin with.

For wide brim hats, click this link for full review and details of wide brim hat. It’s not just for fashion statement, it offers a protection as well from harmful UV rays when you are outdoors. It also has neck flaps that is great for added protection.