Pokemon, The Legendary Game For All Time

How Pokemon Started?

Pokemon started as a game for  Game boys and Nintendos in the 90s.  It also has a cartoon series which became a household favorite for kids during that time.

Pokemon is no stranger to 90s kids.  It is a household name and a part of every conversation during the years.  When it became a game format, it becomes an instant hit.

Pikachu, Charmander, Bulbasaur, and Squirtle are familiar names to kids.  As popular as the TV series, these Pokemon characters pave its way to stardom when it was launched as a game.

There were different versions of the game, and the level of difficulty is advancing for each game series.  Players of Pokemon are never satisfied, so they end up getting the latest version of the game.

Pokemon Go on Android

Whenever there is a new gaming platform introduced, Pokemon is always a part of the game.  The emergence of an Android phone led to the latest craze in mobile gaming.

Android phones allowed the users to download and play any games available on play store.    Since Android phones are internet ready, all games are online based.

Pokemon Go is an evolution of the previous Pokemon game.  However, Pokemon Go is solely for the enjoyment of mobile phone users.

Playing Pokemon Go on your mobile phones require patience and diligence.  Using your device as the gaming platform, you need to use your data to connect to the internet.

Typically Pokemon Go is an online game.  You need to look out for the legendary Pokemon on certain spots and areas and you need to catch em’ all, as the old Pokemon saying.

Some Pokemon are hard to catch therefore most players are using their Pokemon Go cheats to survive these stage.

Players of Pokemon Go are the grown-up kids of the 90s while others are budding new generation.  Generally speaking, Pokemon Go has covered both the old and new generations.

It literally is a legendary game that surpassed the test of time.