Points to consider when you are buying paintball gun for the first time

Most people love playing paintball and choosing the right gun is a really hassled task. The beginners should start with a basic gun and then upgrade later. Here are a few points which should be considered while choosing a paintball gun.
Tips for buying a paintball gun

  • CO2 dependent guns suffer sudden pressure drop so the velocity of the balls may vary significantly. With compressed air, there are no such pressure fluctuations and the velocity remains more or less constant. So, if you are a beginner get a paintball gun with compressed air as they are easier to handle from the safety point of view.
  • Please remember that higher pressure does not give you faster shots it only gives you a greater number of shots.
  • You can choose an electronic gun or a non-electronic gun according to your budget. This thing really does not affect much except for the fact that with electronic guns you can get multiple shots for one trigger.
  • Even if you start with a basic gun you can gradually upgrade it to equip it with higher features part by part. This would help you to stay in budget and also add features to your gun. Just check that you are buying an upgradeable gun.

Thus, while investing in a paintball gun make sure you spend wisely so that you also have money to invest in your own guards, gears and equipment’s as they are also very important. Before buying any gun make sure you rent it and try it out for a day so that you can understand whether it suits you or not. Renting usually costs something between 10 and 30 dollars and is the best way of trying out a gun before buying it.