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FYRE Movie Review – Now Streaming On Netflix

Netflix is an online streaming service where you can watch movies, TV shows, anime, documentaries all on the same page. The best thing about Netflix you can watch thousands of their content without any commercial. The latest content which got everyone’s attention is FYRE. It is a documentary film which covers a story about the greatest party which never happened. It happened in 2017 when a person named Billy McFarland convinced young people to pay thousands of many for a music festival on a remote island where there will be supermodels, lavish meal and concerts of some renowned bands.

What you should know about FYRE

It is a true story about a man who manages to influence people and convince them to pay him money for an upcoming music event with the greatest party world has ever seen. He promised a high-class meal instead of what people got bread and cheese packed in a styrofoam container. It was a disaster and the whole festival was turned into memes exploding all over the internet. There is original clipping from its promotional videos in this documentary and some footage from behind the scenes which will just blow your mind. You can see young and wealthy music enthusiast chasing after tequila shots and looting the mattresses. Social media network also played an important role in this. People were going crazy posting up their photos and videos of Bahamas where this event was being held.

There is so much more to this than how a person can persuade people with his charismatic personality. There were hundreds of people who went for this event for this luxury musical event with supermodel and got nothing but disappointment. This documentary is available on Netflix where you can also watch movies online with your family and friends.