Apex Legends Smashes Fortniteon Twitch In The First Week

Apex Legends, a free to play battle royale online game has been creating the buzz even before its launch and as it was launched it has broken all the records of any other online battle royale game of today’s time in every possible way. If you see the number of viewership of any online game on Twitch then it was the Fortnite which was overpowering every game and it was the game with the most number of viewership on Twitch but as Apex Legends was released it overpowered Fortnite in its first week.

Why Apex Legends Got This Much Of Viewership On Twitch

Since the time of the announcement of Apex Legend, it has created a lot of buzz between people about the game and every gamer was talking about this game before its release and every gamer either known or unknown was desperately waiting for this game. So when this game was launched every gamer with an account on Twitch started streaming his game play and because of the buzz created around it made everyone watch the game play of Apex Legends by a number of gamers.

Why People Got Interested In Watching The Game play Of Apex Legends

As you already read above that it was one of the most anticipated games so people were mad to play it and once it was launched many people before trying their hands it watched different game play of this game by other gamers who are quite profound gamers and this made it kill the viewership of the Fortnite. There are many people who tried looking for apex legends hacks and ended up landing on Twitch to watch game play.

This game is thrashing every record created by other games on twitch of viewership and it is still topping the chart of games with the most number of viewership.